BT - Brand Expression

BT Brand Expression

20 years of coordinated brand expression via devices

BT are the UK’s largest communications network, delivering connection and content to millions of people throughout the UK. As a service company, BT invest in device design to control and optimise customer interactions with their offer, then outsource development and manufacture to global value chains.

Alloy have been BT’s Industrial Design team for 20 years, leading the expression, coordination and development of the brand experience on devices across a number of product and service categories.

During a time of huge technology, industry and commercial change, we have delivered hundreds of projects, helping BT start new businesses, grow established ones and express their brand through new forms of interaction.

Our role has remained constant: to craft market-leading user experiences that enhance and deliver BT’s brand, business models and growth strategies.

This continuity of progress is built on a solid foundation of results. Our work has helped BT grow and maintain industry-leading market share across a number of market sectors, winning 6 Design Effectiveness Awards.

If, like BT, you are looking for a proven partner to cut through the complexity of technology and stay focused on your customers, we would love to connect.


“BT-Device’s long-term partnership with Alloy has played an important role in the growth of our business. To us it’s a core knowledge asset that adds value to our propositions and keeps our brand strong. The collaboration has endured because it has remained consistently effective yet also adapted continuously to our fast changing business context.”

Erik Raphael
Director, BT Wi-Fi and Devices

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