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20 years of delivering results for global brands and ambitious start-ups.


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GRASS VALLEY 12 years of global brand identity in pro-AV

AVID Creating a step-change in UX identity strategy

BT Touch-screen UX for high stress trading environments

BT Market-leadership via coordinated design experience

RAYMARINE Better user interfaces for extreme conditions

BT 20 years of coordinated brand expression via devices

Award-winning Design

Successive generations of employee-owner designers have bought-into and nurtured our strong team culture for one simple reason: it works. Over 20 years Alloy designers have delivered more than a thousand successful projects, all over the world. Every day, tens of millions of people interact with our designs.

We have won every major global design award, some many times, for our products, digital UI/UX and Design Management but there is one that we enter and win more than any other: the UK DBA Design Effectiveness award. This can’t be won with pictures, entries are case studies demonstrating clear commercial gain from design interventions.