PZ Cussons - Original Source

PZ Cussons - Original Source

Design of an enduring, iconic, brand pack ID

Original Source is a range of shower gels, shampoos and conditioners launched to the market in 2005 with a proposition focused on vitality, using the largest volume of essential oils in their product.

The brands’ early success prompted retailers to launch competitive own label brands using the same ‘off the shelf’ packaging, eroding the brands performance and unique appearance. Alloy worked with BDH (advertising) & The Chase (Graphics) to create a more powerful brand using the packaging as a key point of differentiation.

We sought to develop a structural pack that would enhance shelf stand out and provide usability benefits to consumers. A key consideration of the project was that the packs would almost always be placed at a lower level on store shelves.

This key insight suggested a reclined stance that would present the pack more easily below eye level to a consumer, and also present a confident, adventurous brand personality. We also sought to provide an easily grip-able surface for easier use in the shower or bath, and used advanced silicon closures for both bottles and tottles (upside down bottles).

After many years, the packs remained in store – a testament to a successful design in an industry known for regular updates and re-launches.

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