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Optimising a specialist experience - ‘Lynx EVO’ Microscope

Vision Engineering are a leading global manufacturer of stereo microscopes and non-contact measuring systems. The business provides testing and quality control equipment to leading brands such as Rolex, Boeing and Apple to enhance manufacturing quality assurance processes, and assess scientific outcomes.

Central to this process are the users who use the stereo microscope to visually check and approve numerous artefacts. It is vital that they are able to concentrate and be comfortable for extended periods of time, requiring an effective interface between user and machine.

Our goal was to limit physical, visual and mental strain on the users so that they would be able to provide a higher standard of assessment. Unique to Vision Engineering is the ‘eyepiece-less’ design – a patented method to deliver 3D (stereo) imaging without the need to use restrictive and uncomfortable eyepieces which fatigue users and limit productivity.

Our role was to help develop Lynx EVO, a new product that further reduces user fatigue by providing simple and intuitive ways to control and adjust the device, without looking at the control surfaces or requiring physical strength to adjust it.

Building on the key attributes of its predecessor, Alloy developed new mechanisms to enhance ergonomics and created more intuitive ways to adjust the device, allowing the user to remain focused on the visual inspection task, enhancing the effectiveness of the quality control process.

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