Freeplay - Competition Winners

Congratulations to Freeplay our Christmas ‘Giving Back’ £10,000 design time competition winners!

Design News

In Dec. 2018, in a quest to remind everyone of the true spirit of Christmas, the Alloy team offered to ‘give back’ £10K of free design time to a worthy cause best able to convince us that our free design effort would make a real difference for good in the world.

We thank everyone who took the time to submit an entry, but one stood out clearly:

Freeplay create clean energy products to help improve the lives of people suffering from energy poverty, both permanently, or in the event of natural disasters. Its products fall into 2 categories: those used for lighting and energy supply and those used for education/information and entertainment.

Freeplay works with a range of partners, from leading NGOs and governmental organisations down to small NGOs and local charities. It is a social enterprise business meaning that it puts the interests of people and the planet ahead of shareholder gain.

Currently 1.2 billion people, worldwide, live without access to affordable, reliable and safe electricity. Collectively they are forced to spend US$27 billion each year on lighting and mobile phone charging. Kerosene, candles, batteries and other fossil-fuel powered technologies are used in place of grid supply. These traditional solutions are expensive, harmful to health, hazardous and polluting. They consign the poorest people on the planet to a life of energy poverty which constrains economic development and impedes access to education health and basic services including communications, water and transportation.


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