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No detailed design brief needed up-front

If you can express your business situation and your goals we can start engaging with you to plan a smart collaboration. We have successfully supported a broad range of clients, from start-ups to global brands, across many industry sectors. Every engagement is customised during in-depth consultations, directly with designers, not sales-people. Our best starting briefs are often the shortest, so we can then work together to ensure we are deployed most effectively.

Our design activities naturally group themselves under 6 main service headings. The best one for you depends on your needs.  These are all situations we have addressed often. Which is your best fit?  

Design Services

Not sure how to get started?

We can help you with a Discovery Audit

Like many of our clients, you might not yet know everything needed to scope and budget our collaboration. It could just take a couple of meetings with us, but often the best way forward is to set up a short engagement in which we run collaborative workshops with your teams to understand where you are now, roughly where you want to end up, what kind of project will deliver this transition and what capabilities can be accessed by those projects.

Design Services

Need help converting market insight into actionable front-end innovation?

We can help you with Design Innovation

We work with brands like Samsung and Pepsico to make their front-end innovation more efficient.

Our ability to create and visualise ideas improves the timing and quality of market validation. Our understanding of development risk helps ensure ideas are less likely to fail later on contact with downstream operations teams. We often work in partnership with specialist customer insight teams.

Product-Design, Hive

Need a new physical device to deliver excellent user experiences?

We can help you with Product Design

The industrial design of physical products is the historical core of our business. We understand the human issues in detail, anticipate commercial and technical constraints then convert this combined insight into realistic simulations to test and evolve look, feel and behaviour.

We ultimately deliver very precise technical specifications for any aspect that will impact on user experience. We then engage as needed with downstream development teams to ensure fast and faithful implementation of our designs.

Digital-Design, BT Whole Home

Need to improve your digital UI or UX?

We can help you with Digital Design

Our digital work has won many awards, from BT consumer apps and custom touch-screens for Raymarine to complex large-screen software for professional film and TV production by Avid and Grass Valley.

We convert user insight into functional definitions and interactive graphical design delivered in the form of static or interactive UI simulations and GUI toolkits. If UX is required, we deliver interactive wireframes and functional specifications. We follow up with agile close support for external coding teams, all over the world, using a range of widely-adopted digital collaboration tools.


Want to create a more seamless, coordinated, service experience?

We can help you with Service Design

We have been working with service brands since our foundation, helping organisations like BT, Tesco and Honeywell understand their customer journeys better and convert this cross-cutting insight into detailed journey-maps, prioritised innovation roadmaps, coordinated design briefs and ultimately into better end-to-end experiences.

Unlike many, if needed, we can then proceed to direct or design many of the touch-points themselves to help you convert service strategy into delivered customer experiences in most efficient way possible.

Design Services Range

Looking for help to apply design consistently across multiple projects?

We can help you with Design Management Strategy

We have helped brands all over the world embed customer experience excellence into their innovation cultures by defining and deploying their own form of consistent design best-practice.

We offer innovation process advice and training, cross-project creative direction, design guidelines for devices, software and other key brand touch-points. Where appropriate we offer a complete ‘outsourced design studio’ support service. We have delivered this service to BT for 20 years and Grass Valley for 12.


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